Who We Are

Building Hope is a 501c3 community development corporation based in Las Vegas. We value and seek partnerships and collaborative ventures with other non-profit and for-profit corporations throughout the United States.  Building Hope believes that this is a key time to devote resources to help non-profits improve their business practices so they can secure their future – to build capacity. Building Hope works with organizations that are collaborative in nature, have a passionate team and leadership, and who demonstrate a willingness to work in a sustainable fashion.

Angela Quinn, Managing Director

As a 20-year veteran community developer, Angela Quinn, Managing Director of Building Hope, has demonstrated expertise in community/economic development and program/services; in particular around issues of economic empowerment, capacity building and sustainability. In total, Ms. Quinn has developed or has in predevelopment tens of millions of dollars for capital projects.  Programmatically, Ms. Quinn has the unique ability to develop private/public partnerships. These partnerships range from large corporations, working with their charitable foundation, to small, holistic housing advocate organizations. Ms. Quinn is pragmatic; both a leader and a manager, and excels in her ability to blend revenue streams from private, corporate and government sources, with a particular emphasis in turnaround projects.