Housing & Community Development

At Building Hope we can bring together private, government and grant funded programs, services, projects and a development team who have cutting-edge skills in “green” development, yet we never lose focus on community. Nonprofit community development is a highly‐structured process that calls for a developer who is not only experienced in the areas of general planning and construction principals, but also knowledgeable about nonprofit management, programs, community readiness, and local, state, and the federal regulations – Building Hope is this development partner.

Only recently have nonprofits been asked to step up and be held by a similar standard as for‐profits ‐ no longer is it wrong for a nonprofit to make money, in fact it is quickly becoming an expectation. This transition has been difficult for some to achieve, and more difficult to sustain. Building Hope can assist organizations in multiple ways to establish and grow your business in a socially minded way.

At Building Hope we believe that many – perhaps most – of the non-profit organizations in the community have particular areas of expertise and specialties, as well as unique skills and experiences that would be of helpful if shared with other organizations.  Where such is the case, Building Hope works to extract, articulate, and more broadly disseminate these to the sector.  The intention here is – as a parallel goal of this project – to improve the coordination, integration, and cooperation found in the area’s non-profit organizations.  The more people that understand their own strengths and challenges, the easier it is for them to cooperate with others and to better focus on their own particular purpose and mission.

Building Hope is poised to assist fledgling and existing nonprofits in the areas of affordable housing and community development; starting with feasibility, then project readiness (pre‐development), development and project completion and with business support services to create, implement, and sustain (as applicable) an affordable housing and, or community development program.