Capacity Building & Sustainability

Because at Building Hope we generally do not deliver programs directly, we are the ideal partner for both fledging nonprofits who are creating their own future, and for established nonprofits who have come to a crossroads or are struggling with sustainability.   We can provide both interim leadership or support existing leaders; we can provide board development or help create a new board; working with both private dollars and public dollars – Building Hope are experts in both arenas and in blending public/private partnerships.

Building Hope helps non-profit organizations improve their business practices and, by doing so, increases the likelihood that they will be successful, securing their programs and services – to build capacity.  Building Hope provides services to both the staff members, board members of non-profit organizations, and to their philanthropic investors and partners.  These services are based on a firm understanding of “best practices” in non-profit planning, management, and assessment and a clear understanding of Nevada and public/private partnerships.

For each client, Building Hope assesses the viability, business capacity, and sustainability of the organization to quickly create a solid understanding of its current situation.  As a part of each review, Building Hope also outlines a set of activities to strengthen the organization.  In other words, Building Hope develops an “action plan” individual to each organization that includes appropriate training, board and team development activities, coaching, and similar services.  Building Hope has the experience and skill-sets to work well and productively with fledging non-profits, distressed non-profit and those organizations that want to move into capital/asset-based programs.


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