How We Can Help

Building Hope fulfills its mission through two main delivery models: an educational process that involves workshops, “classes,” mentoring, and focused personal consultation, and as a developer, Building Hope will lead the process from inception to financing to Certificate of Occupancy and service delivery.  Work plans are created in conversation with each partner, specific progress goals are defined, and evaluation is ongoing.  Each Work Plan will also include a “Financial Impact Report” which is the financial analysis of the organizational impact.

The team Building Hope has assembled has over 50 years of collective experience in non-profit management and community development.  We have exactly the type of organizational and professional experience that is needed right now for non-profit organizations throughout the United States

Building Hope assesses the viability, business capacity, and sustainability of the client organizations to quickly create a solid understanding of its current situation. As a part of each review, Building Hope also develops an “action plan” for client organizations that includes appropriate training, board development activities, coaching, and similar services. Building Hope has the experience and skill-sets to work well and productively with distressed non-profit organizations.