Who We Are

Building Hope is a 501c3 community development corporation based in Las Vegas. We value and seek partnerships and collaborative ventures with other non-profit and for-profit corporations throughout the United States.  Building Hope believes that this is a key time to devote resources to help non-profits improve their business practices so they can secure their future – to build capacity. Building Hope works with organizations that are collaborative in nature, have a passionate team and leadership, and who demonstrate a willingness to work in a sustainable fashion.

What We Do

Building Hope has extensive experience in the areas of general planning and construction principles, nonprofit management, programs, community readiness, and local, state, and the federal regulations.

We understand that this experience is particularly critical with government and grant funded projects. While there are many benefits to the use of such funds, these benefits will only be realized if the nonprofit development has a clear understanding of the sources and uses. Community development is a catalyst for change internally as well as externally, and can be use to create nonprofit sustainability.

How We Can Help

Building Hope fulfills its mission through two main delivery models: an educational process that involves workshops, “classes,” mentoring, and focused personal consultation, and as a developer, Building Hope will lead the process from inception to financing to Certificate of Occupancy and service delivery.  Work plans are created in conversation with each partner, specific progress goals are defined, and evaluation is ongoing.  Each Work Plan will also include a “Financial Impact Report” which is the financial analysis of the organizational impact.